Pie Crusts

Pie Crusts



  • Carol Overstreet

    The pie crust was delicious! Baked well and was very flaky. I used it to make pasties. I could smell the vinegar while it was cooking, but there was no vinegar flavor in the pie.

  • C

    When making a pie crust and not using a food processor, should I sift the flour?

  • Triann McAllister

    Wow, you have my mother’s recipe that’s been in her family for ages! Pre-depression nobody knows the timeline. I am excited to see it here. The vinegar adds such a nice tang and most crusts just don’t taste as good without it. I’m going to make a pumpkin pie with the flour for gluten all of us sensitive family members. Whee! I can’t wait to try it. I’ve stopped using crusts on my pies for this very reason. Fingers are crossed. Thank you for posting it—I lost my recipe. :(

  • patricia

    Can you tell me the difference between your whole wheat flour and the Hugarian Whole Wheat.

  • Pat Harmon

    You don’t tell when/how to add syrup.

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