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How to Add Additions to your Loaf

If you have your basic sourdough bread recipe under your belt, and you're looking to get a little creative, try adding to the basic loaf. People share with us on Facebook, Instagram, and via email some of their bread addition ideas. We keep a running list of some of our favorite ideas and suggestions to add to a basic loaf of bread to make it a little more snazzy.

Some are simple, some more difficult, some wildly creative. This isn't a recipe, this is just to help you get your wheels turning with the many possibilities of bread baking.

Here are a couple tips. If adding cereal, soak and drain before adding.

Anything small and dry like herbs and spices, you want to add it while you are mixing/kneading. This way it will get properly dispersed- since it is small, it should not disrupt the proofing.

For larger items, we like to add them in before the final proof by gently kneading them in.

If you're just getting started and just want a simple bread recipe- we got your covered! Here is our easy yeast bread recipe and here is our sourdough bread recipe. We recommend starting with the Heritage White Flour or the Heritage Bread Blend!

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