Heritage vs ancient wheat

We chose heritage grains and haven't looked back

Heritage grains VS ancient grains

When wheat was hybridized during the Green Revolution, it became harder to digest. Darrold and Marty Glanville, owners of Sunrise Flour Mill, knew their bodies could no longer handle hybridized modern wheat. They wanted to go back to the way wheat used to be, the pre-hybridized wheat.

Both heritage grains and ancient grains are pre-hybridized. After extensive testing, the Glanvilles decided heritage grains were by far their favorite. They are easy to work with, more digestible, substitute one for one in any recipe, and create lighter and loftier baked goods. This wheat is experiencing a resurgence- it’s the grain that’s changing the game.

Why Organic Heritage wheat?


Many people find heritage wheat more digestible


Superior flavor compared to conventional wheat


Higher nutrient/micronutrient content than conventional wheat

Soil health

Deep root system allows the wheat to reach water deep down


Achieve loftier baked goods using heritage wheat


Substitutes one for one in your favorite recipes

Others have made the switch


I have been enjoying using this flour to make sour dough bread and sandwich bread as well as other baked goods. It is delicious and easy to work with. I substituted this flour for one that called for einkorn flour and it worked perfectly and tasted even better! I’m sold!

Sharleen P.

I can eat gluten again after having to avoid it for years. As a baker, I love how my baking turns out using this flour. This has been a wonderful find!

Linda T.

I am becoming a little home baker after almost a decade of not being able to enjoy baking with a gluten sensitivity and this brand has truly saved me! I am Loving literally everything I am creating and this flour is SUPERIOR!!!

Samantha B.

Wonderful performance and breads taste cleaner than store bought flour. I make 4-6 loaves a week, so good flour is important to me. Thank you for providing a clean and awesome product.

Julie P
Los Angeles, CA

Love Sunrise Flour Mill Bread Blend Flour as well as all the other products I have purchased. Used to be gluten intolerant but no more issues using any of your products!

Karen B.

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