Organic Flour
Milled From Heritage Wheat

Improve the quality, nutritional content, and digestibility of your baked goods

Go beyound just organic flour

Being organic alone wasn't enough for us- it needed to be organic heritage wheat. Heritage wheat is the unadulterated wheat that nourished our ancestors for generations. Many find it more digestible, easier to bake with, and rich in flavor and nutritional value

Benefits of Organic Heritage Wheat


Many people find heritage wheat more digestible


Superior flavor compared to conventional wheat


Higher nutrient/micronutrient content than conventional wheat

Loftier Baking

Achieve loftier baked goods using heritage wheat

Easy to use

Substitutes one for one in your favorite recipes

Soil health

Deep root system allows the wheat to reach water deep down

Others have made the switch!



I still can't believe I can eat this flour without any issues. After being gluten free for 12 years I can eat real wheat flour again and the possibilities are endless. I couldn't be happier!

Rebecca S.

This bread flour has changed my life! I can finally enjoy so many recipes I haven’t been able to for years with my gluten sensitivity and this flour is DELICIOUS!

Samantha B


The best bread flour. Easy to use, no upset tummy and my bread turns out beautifully.

Teresa D.

I am gluten sensitive and someone recommended this brand to me as an alternative to gluten free flours. I have had zero issue with the flour or pasta. Total game changer.

Author's name

My son is very sensitive to gluten, I made pizza and banana bread and he had no ill effectives from the flour. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Lynn S.

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