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We are Darrold and Marty Glanville, owners of Sunrise Flour Mill in North Branch, MN

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We are Darrold and Marty Glanville, owners of Sunrise Flour Mill in North Branch, MN. We produce single source, organic, heritage flours using a renewed milling technology from the 1930’s called the Unifine mill. It is a single pass, high velocity impact mill. Instead of grinding the grain, the mill shatters it into very minute particles, a technology that produces a super-fine and fluffy flour. Unifine flour will help anyone create luscious lofty baked goods and achieve better baking results than are normally achieved using commercial whole wheat.
Not only is the process something we take pride in, but organic heritage grains are better for you, and many people find them to be more digestible than modern hybridized wheat. At Sunrise Flour Mill there are no added chemicals, we never bleach or bromate, and we privately test for the presence of glyphosate in our wheat. It is our vision and mission to bring you the very best organic heritage wheat that not only help you be a better baker, but are also better for you.
We also offer an array of other organic grains and mixes, and teach classes monthly on the art of sourdough bread baking.

Our Story

Our story began with a quest for a good loaf of bread, the crusty, artisan type we had eaten in Europe. Unable to find a good loaf of bread, Darrold began baking, seeking to make a great loaf of whole wheat bread, but for the first six months we saw most of the bread go in the trash as hard, tasteless inedible door stops. After looking into the cause of our bad bread issues we decided the flour we were using may be at play, and Darrold began fresh milling, which made a big difference in his baking.
We soon found ourselves sourcing grain so we could know their origins and selling our freshly milled flour at farmers markets to other eager home bakers. However, just when we started this journey into the heights freshly baked bread, Darrold hit a low. Once very active, he was becoming increasingly achy and lethargic with new symptoms every few months. He had sinus problems, headaches and a myriad of intestinal issues including gastric reflux so bad he slept nearly sitting upright for a year. He saw numerous doctors who prescribed and suggested numerous pills, but to not avail. Darrold’s symptoms became so debilitating that he was spending most of his time in bed. We reached out to specialist and experts, but gained no further understanding of his malady. It wasn’t until after an evening out gorging on family-sized Italian pasta dishes that Darrold’s symptoms hit a peak and we began to consider  that gluten intolerance might be the culprit.
We went gluten-free that day and within two days Darrold felt better, and within two months he was back to his old self. However, after becoming so accustomed to freshly baked homemade bread we struggled to eat gluten-free substitutes. Like our favorite Julia Child quote says, it just tasted like… Kleenex. The more we ate gluten-free, the more we noted the long list of ingredients: added sugar, gums, and other additives that seemed very unhealthy. As Darrold delved into the issue of gluten intolerance, he discovered that modern wheat is very different from the heritage wheat we ate growing up before the green revolution of the 1950’s, which developed high-yielding, modern wheat. We tried several varieties but found when it came to bread, Turkey Red and White Sonora were our favorites. They baked and tasted amazing and Darrold could eat them without getting sick.
Even for myself who had no expectations of making the change to heritage wheat, I found that within a few months of into switching my joint pain subsided and I was able to stop taking a prescribed medication for joint pain. After five years of not being able to knit, I was also able to pick up my needles and resume this activity which had always brought me joy.
And so began our new mission to bring heritage wheat to the masses. It has been a long journey to make our vision become a reality, but we have met some of the most amazing bakers and bread lovers along the way. Over the years we have been astounded at how many other “gluten-free” people have found they too can eat and digest heritage wheat. We still sell at farmers markets, but you can also now find us online, various co-ops, and in many amazing restaurants around the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.
We are passionate about flour… something many people find boring, it’s not sexy like truffles or fine wine. Wheat is fascinating though. There is so much to discover and we are not only continually learning from other industry professionals, but also from our customers who know and use our products. Wheat is the foundation of almost every baked good, and better flour makes you a better baker. If you find yourself struggling through gluten- intolerance and miss the flavor and comfort of hot out of the oven muffins, fresh flipped flap jacks, or crusty bread with your soup, we ask you to consider heritage wheat, and feel confident that with Sunrise Flour Mill you will get the very best.

Marty Glanville

President Sunrise Flour Mill

Quality. Heritage. Healthy Goodness

Our Mission

Our commitment to our customers is simply to provide the best and healthiest heritage organic grains we can find, and to provide education and on-going support for people who want to get back to home baking whether it be bread, pastries, cakes, cookies, pasta, or pizza. 

Our Process

We source only organic, non-GMO varieties for our products. We also believe in teaching our customers how to use these products. We teach hands-on classes, hold open mill hours, and provide you with a variety of recipes to help you bake like a pro.


Customer Feedback

I am allergic to the wheat that is sold off of the shelves in the store, but I am not allergic to your wheat. Proves to me that all this hybrid business is not a good thing. –Lynn

Just made a batch of the best pancakes ever! Your mix rocks! Added one egg and some cinnamon, not sure if it needed it, but YUM YUM! –Mel

I made challah with your refined heritage grain flour & shared it with a few gluten sensitive friends on Friday evening–they were amazed! –Jodi

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