You don’t have to be an artisan baker to make a good loaf of artisan bread.  You just need some great flour, a few inexpensive baking utensils, and a little instruction and you will be on  your way to baking artisan loaves of healthy bread.

Classes are held at Sunrise Flour Mill near North Branch, MN. We have a wood-fired pizza oven and a wood-fired bread oven and we will have both of them fired up for your class.

We will discuss a little about food in general, and then make a basic dough for white bread.  From this basic recipe we will expand to many other breads, e.g. whole wheat, focaccia, and pizza dough. We will discuss dough with high hydration (wet dough) and preferments such as poolish and biga.

We will bake bread in the wood-fired bread oven and serve a pizza lunch from the wood-fired pizza oven.

We also can make a small batch of homemade pasta from scratch if that is of interest to the group.

There is a four person minimum and six person maximum. This is a hands-on class so dress appropriately. Plan on about 3-4 hours. 

Cost is $75 per person. The cost includes lunch, a bag our our heritage wheat flour, and enough sourdough starter for you to start your own sourdough.

Get a few friends together and reserve a class.  If you don’t know others who would be interested, email us your contact information and we’ll try to put together a class.

Email: or darrold@sunriseflourmill

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