A Baker's view of Turkey Red Whole Wheat

A Baker's view of Turkey Red Whole Wheat

We have been using Turkey Red exclusively for about 3 months so it's time to report in.  Darrold can eat it without any symptoms out of his long list of ones that have been plaguing him for the last two years.  He has periodically tested himself by eating products made with modern wheat and the next day he feels sick again.  I think he's convinced now that what he was feeling before was a direct result of modern gluten so he doesn't need to try it any more.  I have been eating his new diet, too, and we both noticed something remarkable.  We're not hungry between meals and we don't snack.  He's lost some weight where I haven't but I attribute that to the whole male vs female ability to lose weight more easily. I have the world's largest sweet tooth and my sweet cravings now are satisfied with one or two small pieces of some kind of dark chocolate or Greek yogurt and fruit. I also rarely am overtaken by the "two o'clocks", that overwhelming sleepiness that nothing but a nap, however small, will alleviate.

We have a young baker-friend, Chris Boles, whom you will follow one day we feel sure. His passion is baking bread and would love to have a bakery in the future.  He's been experimenting with lots of our flours and did a side by side comparison of Turkey Red Wheat and Red Hard Spring Wheat.  What follows is his report:

Working with the 2 flours was like night and day.  Even though the grinds were the same, the texture was different.   Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to play around and experiment.


WW: Darker in color; sandy/gritty texture

TR: Lighter in color; very even texture


WW: Shaggy/did not come together

TR: Formed a 'dough' and was very smooth


WW: Be Gentle

TR: Its Got Structure!!


WW: Be gentle with folds, weak gluten strands

TR: Like folding baguette dough


WW: Shaggy/not easy to shape

TR: Easy, great to work with


WW: Pale color

TR: Nice caramelization / great color

Thanks, Chris.  You said it much better and more succinctly than we could.

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