How to Shape a Loaf of Bread

How to Shape a Loaf of Bread

When we retired, Darrold was on a mission to recreate the delicious breads we enjoyed in our travels.You know, the ones with the crusty exteriors and the pillow-soft interiors.That's what led to the founding of Sunrise Flour Mill, but that's a story for another day.

Darrold had never baked bread before- so to get started on this bread baking quest, he volunteered at a bakery to pick up some tips. He learned the fundamentals and then continued learning and researching on his own.

It took him many years, countless hours, and hundreds of loaves but he is now able to replicate the loaves we found in our travels.

And, he’s still learning.

Darrold has taught countless sourdough bread baking classes over the years. He shows us in this video how he shapes his loaves. Give it a try in your next bake. This method may help your loaves finally achieve that nice strong surface tension and hold their shape better.

A big component in finally creating the bread we had in our travels is using heritage wheat. If you want the best loaves, you have to source the best ingredients.

If you are just getting started with bread baking, here is an easy yeast bread recipe to try. Don't forget to send us a photo of your bread!


  • Brian Dyer

    My sourdough is usually pretty sticky and that wouldn’t work unless I floured the crap out of it. 🤣 But for my yeast bread it would work

  • Bonnie Tarlton

    Very impressive.. I make sourdough bread every week.. will try your technique! If I can. LOL

  • Lynne

    Thanks so much for this video. I am working on improving my shaping skills … can’t wait to try this technique! P.S. I’ve been baking with your flour for about 2-years now. My gluten intolerant husband has no issues after eating it. I’ve turned other gluten-sensitive friends on to you too. Thank you for such an amazing product!

  • Carol Hume

    love all the great things you share, you’re the best~

  • @ocfarmergirl

    Looks great! I’ll try making the dough long then folding in.
    I do slide the dough in towards me for the tension. How long does he leave the loaves to rise or does he make the loaves then cold rise?
    I have always left the dough in fridge to rise 2 days then form loaves. After loaves are formed then back in fridge 12-24 hours again. How does he do it?
    Thank you!!! I only bake with your flours! The best!

  • Eve Kachline

    THANK YOU!!!!! Appreciate the video.

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