imageI love baking sweet breads. Banana bread is my go-to but zucchini season is just beginning and we love zucchini bread too. Someone recently have me a tip that I’ll be using in those recipes and others too. She said to mix in the egg yolks at the appropriate time in the recipe but save the whites. Just before pouring into the pan, beat the whites until just under the soft-peak stage. Carefully fold them into the batter so as not to burst the bubbles that have formed. Then pour into baking pans and follow the rest of the directions. I tried it and I’ve never had such rise from any sweet bread – like it was on steroids! The texture was much smoother, moister, and not at all crumbly. I used Sunrise Flour Mill Turkey Red Refined Heritage Flour which gives more bounce than hybrid flour, too, but this technique added even more.

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